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Our Green Cleaning Services

Customized Cleaning Programs to Fit Our Clients’ Needs

We pride ourselves on partnering with our clients to meet their expectations — whether they have a 500,000-square-foot corporate campus or a small doctor’s office, EverGreen offers a wide array of services for the interiors and exteriors of the business community.

LEED Green Cleaning Pittsburgh


One to Seven Day a Week Cleaning Programs

EverGreen Facility Services is a full service facility provider with routine cleaning at our core.  We offer our specially designed “EverGreen” Program for your unique facility needs.  Most importantly, our services are priced responsibly – we do what we say and say what we do.


EverGreen is honored to provide services for all companies with as little as 500 sq ft to 500,000+ sq ft.  We proudly serve all quadrants of the business community – corporate offices to educational centers, medical facilities to automobile dealerships, manufacturers to non-profit associations – no business entity is too small or too big.

Evergreen Facility Services uses state-of-the-art electrostatic disinfectant sprayers combined with traditional cleaning methods to provide comprehensive cleaning solutions for all types of facilities. Electrostatic disinfecting is a fast and cost-effective supplement to standard cleaning regimens as a way of thoroughly applying sanitizers and disinfectants to surfaces, regardless of the shape or angle of the surface in question.

Customized Cleaning Programs

Disinfectant Spraying Treatments

Watch FOX 8 On Your Side consumer reporter Melissa Painter put the CleanWave UV-C Sanitizing Wand to the test in their office... It works!

Disinfectant Spraying Treatments


In most facilities, hard flooring takes a beating with the seasonality of the weather and usage.  Protecting, restoring and maintaining these surfaces, will exponentially aid in the appearance and longevity of this physical asset.  Our floor technicians, are certified and continually educated so that manufacturer warrantees remain intact.  EverGreen can provide a wide range of services in this area depending on the floor type.  From stripping and refinishing tiled floors, auto-scrubbing ceramic tile and rejuvenating grout to specialized care for terrazzo, delicate marble and luxury vinyl product, our team can design weekly/monthly/yearly maintenance programs that keep your facility’s floor surfaces looking great between restoration processes.

Hard Floor Care
Commercial Floor Cleaning in the Pittsburgh Area
Hard Floor Care


EverGreen’s full restoration process includes a special step that aids in the endurance of the carpet fabric and longer lasting results between services. We offer different protocols for modular carpet vs. broadloom. We are capable of sanitizing the carpet fibers in situations where it’s crucial for the health and safety of the users of the space.

Carpet Care
Matron & Porter Services
Carpet Cleaning
Pittsburgh Carpet Cleaning
Daytime Cleaning Service

Cleaning your facility once per day may not be sufficient to meet the demand of your building’s needs.  EverGreen can provide daily service to care for routine cleaning and maintenance of common areas and rest rooms.  From re-stocking restrooms, to changing light bulbs, our personnel can be on hand daily to satisfy your employee or tenant’s needs.

Restroom Sanitation & Specialized MRSA Cleaning
Specialized Facilities: Operating Room & Clean Room Sanitation Needs


At EverGreen, we have specialized teams that are thoroughly trained in the proper handling of operating room, clean room and any medical sanitation need.  The main goal in this type of clean is to fully minimize any micro-bacterial contamination and ensure a safe environment for both patient and health care worker.


Keeping restrooms clean and bacteria free should be an integral part of any company’s or property manager’s maintenance schedule.  This type of clean is over and above normal routine cleaning that a facility receives.  EverGreen has a specialized program where only certified personnel fully clean and sanitize these spaces, removing all bacteria from touchable surfaces.  We then seal these surfaces so that they remain bacteria free for 60 days.  Additionally, EverGreen can offer a deodorizing system to keep these spaces smelling fresh and pleasant.


UV-C light wand kills up to 99.9% of germs, allergens and odor causing bacteria on hard surfaces - laboratory proven to eliminate up to 99% of MRSA and H1N1

Pittsburgh Medical Cleaning Service
Bathroom Cleaning
Operating Room Cleans
Bathroom Cleaning Service
Construction Cleanups and Final Cleans


EverGreen’s fully insured and bonded personnel can complete a customized construction clean for your newly renovated work space.  A thorough top-down cleaning concept is approached in a logical and efficient schedule.  We feature our EverGreen Double Check System with complete oversight from our Operations Department.

Construction Cleanup
Office Cleaning Service


As a full service facility provider, EverGreen can provide professional services for one story buildings as well as multi story buildings.  From interior and exterior window cleaning, to specialized solar panel, indoor high reach glass partitioning, banister glass and newly installed factory labeling removal, the EverGreen team can provide solutions for your unique situation.

Window Cleaning
Upholstery Cleaning


Similar to EverGreen’s full restoration carpet care process, our team can utilize EverGreen’s fabric process to deep clean furniture and partitions.  This service will aid in the prevention of re-soiling of the fabric and extending the life of the fixture.

Intensive Cleans for Move Ins and Move Outs


EverGreen works with various real estate managers and brokers to provide clean units either before or after a  tenant utilizes their space.  Our full green chemical line and environmentally sound equipment offer features beneficial to tenants with sensitivities or autoimmune issues.

Window Cleaning
Intensive Clean
Upholstery Cleaning
Professional Cleaning Service
Floor Cleaning Service
Spring Cleaning / Project Cleaning / Detail and Deep Cleans


To protect your physical asset, a seasonal or once yearly service may be all that your space requires to keep the working environment clean and healthy for your employees or guests.  Our uniformed, professional cleaning teams are happy to fulfill your facility needs either small or large.

Spring Cleaning
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